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Developed by Rose City Software, DU Meter is a useful Internet connection tool. This tool allows users to use any Internet connection more efficiently. There’s nothing complex about DU Meter’s interface, and this tool can be used as soon as it has been installed. DU Meter is appropriate for users of all levels, though users who require constant bandwidth attention will find this tool vital.

DU Meter can be used with DSL, Ethernet, Cable Modem, or Dial-Up. By presenting users with numerical displays and detailed graphs, users can clearly see how much bandwidth is being used. DU Meter sits snugly inside of a browser toolbar and does not cause any amount of system slowdown. Installing DU Meter is as simple as following installation instructions and this tool does not come with any unwanted add-ons or advertisements. Users can also time downloads using DU Meter’s stopwatch (a fun and useful feature). Even though DU Meter does not require any additional software to function, this is not a free tool.

A 30-day trial version of DU Meter is available, though this version is somewhat restricted. In order to find out what DU Meter can really do, users will have to purchase the full program. While the cost of DU Meter is relatively low ($30 at the time of this writing), some users may find the lack of a full free trial frustrating. For anyone seeking a bandwidth monitoring tool, DU Meter is a good option with a lot of customizable features.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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